Activities of Engagement – Biodiversity Education

Increasing understanding, awareness and appreciation of the values of biodiversity, including the associated knowledge, values and approaches used by indigenous people and local communities, in line with the Post 2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.

Rock wren poster by Makarora School following on from previous Biodiversity Workshop

The Aspiring Biodiversity Trust has developed a community engagement and  educational awareness raising strategy for indigenous biodiversity of the Makarora Catchment. An example of this for braided river birds can be found here Makarora Flock. The strategy includes the promotion of Environmental Accreditation (bronze, silver, gold) under the BRaid scheme for involvement and promotion of braided river bird restoration programmes on the Makarora River. We are pleased to be working in collaboration with Wilkin River Jets and other service providers in the region on this initiative.

Patsy at Wilkin River Jets Head Office, Makarora

Educational events during 2017-2020 have included science communication from “ridge to river” with Makarora and Haast School, braided river and forest biodiversity workshops at Makarora in collaboration with A Rocha and Scripture Union school groups (featured below). ABT have also been involved in biodiversity education programmes with Enviroschools, and One Day School Programmes as well as other Otago School’s in the region.

Further events include a January 2021 residential field-course on flora, fauna survey techniques and data analysis delivered in partnership with Operation Wallacea. This is an annual event to be held each January to promote the future environmental caretakers, raise awareness of the importance of indigenous biodiversity and promote scientific biological recording. The First Makarora Field Course – A Success!

Predator control on the Makarora River
Discussions around invasive mammal predator control
“Tuning in” to the forest biodiversity (fauna and flora)
Whio poster by Makarora School following on from previous biodiversity workshop
“Welcome Back the Birds” Event (spring 2018) with Makarora and Haast School. There is also a display in the Makarora visitor centre raising awareness of braided river birds.
Working together with Mt Albert Station to raise awareness of and limit disturbance to key braided river bird nesting locations.
Field trip participants on the Makarora braided river learning about the incredible endemic bird species which return to breed here each year
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