Aspiring Biodiversity Trust Real Time Weather/Climate-Upper Wilkin and Siberia Valleys.

The above will ultimately be expanded to include snow depth and rain fall for some of the HUBS.

The HUB elevations are: HUB 351 – 1125 metres, HUB 51 – 991 metres, HUB 399 – 900 metres, HUB 50 – 988 metres and the newly installed HUB 131 – 971 metres.

Managing Biodiversity with Technology with Applications Extended to Alpine Recreation Safety

Encounter Solutions Ltd (ESL) has teamed up with the Aspiring Biodiversity Trust (ABT) to protect Pīwauwau, the South Island rock wren, in the Makarora-Wilkin/Otanenui catchment within Mt Aspiring National Park. The predator control initiative involves the deployment of DOC 200 & DOC 150 traps equipped with Celium wireless monitoring technology within the Lucidus/Castalia and the Crucible basins.

ABT has applied Encounter Solutions’ Celium remote monitoring to its alpine predator control programme as a means of rationalising its trap servicing resources and mitigating safety issues.

Celium is a rugged wireless networking platform designed for large-scale and remote applications. Celium uses narrowband VHF to provide the most effective and efficient data transport in challenging terrain, and the equipment is designed to operate at very low-power levels for years of maintenance free operation.

Each trap is monitored 24/7 by a Celium Node so that when the trap is sprung, a message is transmitted to a Celium Hub base station that puts the data into the Cloud via satellite. ABT is notified of the sprung trap via email and can inform the next required trap servicing.

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