Aspiring Biodiversity Trust Documentary – Runner Up – Best Environmental Film

Makarore Otanenui – A Biodiversity Challenge

New Zealand World Premiere was introduced by director Anthony Coote, at the NZ Mountain Film and Book Festival 26 June 2022.

This short documentary below (12 mins) summarises the work/mahi of Aspiring Biodiversity Trust. From the main divide down to the braided rivers of the Makarore and Otanenui. Lydia Bradey ABT Patron, features in the film.

Hear about the key threatened species present from the main divide of the Southern Alps to the head of Lake Wanaka. Including endangered braided river birds; wrybill/ ngutuparore, black-fronted tern/ tarapirohe and black-billed gull/ tarāpuka. Blue-duck/ whio in the upper river catchments, and rock wren/ pīwauwau in the alpine environment.

Enjoy learning about the challenges involved in setting up and advancing our protection and restoration programs.

Founding Trustees Rachel Hufton and Anthony Coote, with new Trustee Stella Green, at the Lake Wanaka Center, primary venue for the Mountain Film Festival 2022.

Special Thanks to Mark Sedon and the Festival Managers for facilitating the Premiere and Launch
'A Biodiversity Challenge' Runner up Best Environmental Film at the 20th NZ Mountain Film Festival 2022     Veiw it Here »