Winter Update

Video screen shot from ORC Eco Fund promotional video. Makarora River

In the news, ABT are delighted to feature in the latest Otago Regional Council (ORC) Eco Fund promotional video (above screenshot of the Makarora River with the Wilkin valley in the background) and were asked to supply threatened species survey images from last season (top left and top right below) which have been used to feature in the new promotional brochure. The video provides a short clip on a number of valuable environmental projects happening across Otago. There is nice drone footage of the Makarora braided river habitat. The video aims to encourage projects that protect and enhance the environment and the community.

Inside view of Otago Regional Council’s Eco Fund promotional brochure featuring images from ABT’s rock wren monitoring programme (top left and right)

Makarora Catchment Threatened Species Programmes

We may have been quite but behind the scenes ABT are busy implementing and progressing Makarora threatened species programmes for endemic braided river birds, rock wren, blue duck / whio and forest birds. This also includes biodiversity education an integral part of connecting people with nature.

Predator Control

Invasive mammalian catch effort on the Makarora braided river has removed a number of stoats, hedgehogs, rats and mice in preparation for the spring bird breeding season. Feral cats and the Southern black-backed gull (an avian predator of endemic braided river bird chicks) are also part of the braided river bird restoration programme and will be addressed this coming season. Volunteer help has been essential to this progress.

Winter invasive mammal trap maintenance on the Makarora River (frosty…)

More soon..