Partners, Sponsors, and Supporters

Here we wish to acknowledge our partners, sponsors, and supporters

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Discover more about the Otago region, the Otago Regional Council and the councillors who represent you. Funds greatly recieved through the Environmental Enhancement Fund in 2017 and ongoing support from the reformed EcoFund


Working in partnership with LINZ through the Jobs For Nature Programme to protect and restore indigenous biodiversity whilst promoting future environmental caretakers/kaitiaki.
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New Zealand’s braided rivers are networks of ever-changing channels weaving between islands of gravels. They are home to many species of birds, fish, invertebrates and plants adapted to live in this challenging and dynamic environment.
Support social innovation, build effective organisations and contribute to change. The Foundation model enables creation of Legacy funds in specific areas of interest, that others can then contribute and magnify impact.
Mobilising and developing environmental leaders. Regional groups involved in a range of community-led habitat restoration projects including controlling predators to restore breeding seabird populations at Mt Karioi
Provides wilderness experience tours from the Makarora River. Learn about local history, geology and biodiveristy with an informative commentary from experienced drivers


The Speight’s fund established to support not-for-profit groups working to preserve and protect Otago’s natural environment
Online database of bird observations providing scientists, researchers, amateur naturalists with real time data about bird distribution and abundance.
Ongoing support from a philanthropic organisation which applies its Trust funds for charitable and other purposes which are of benefit to the community.
The DOC Community Fund was awarded during 2019 to contribute to Makarora Catchment Threatened Species Project From Ridge To River


The World Wide Fund For Nature is an international organisation founded in 1961, working in the field of the wilderness preservation, and the reduction of human impact on the environment. Formerly named the World Wildlife Fund.
A philanthropic family foundation established in 1994 by Stephen and Margaret Tindall
International gold mining company providing donation contributing to biodiversity protection and enhancement
Provides the offshore, subsea and marine industries with a comprehensive range of specialist support vessels, ROV’s, marine equipment and services. A generous donation in helicopter services provided to aid threatened species protection.


An innovative Engineering Consultantcy in Arrowtown providing corporate donation to indigeonous biodiversity restoration


A leading Wanaka Law Firm providing excellent expert services
Wanaka suppliers of outdoor equipment and optics
Austrian manufacturer of high quality binoculars, spotting scopes, and tripods. Perfect for bird and nature observations.
Home of the “Siberia Experience” operating memorable fixed wing scenic tours within the Makarora catchment
The 2019 Goldfields Cavalcade to Hawea provided a community donation to conservation work through funds raised from delivery of this fabulous event!
Birds New Zealand is committed to the study of birds and their habitat use within New Zealand through encouraging members and organising projects and schemes. Activities are organised at both the national and regional level.
ES plans to use its Celium technology to create significant biodiversity gains while driving economic benefits. ES enables it’s users to optimise the way they manage and monitor devices and sensors, by delivering cost-effective wireless networks and applications across remote landscapes.
Celium is a unique low power wireless network designed with wide-scale rugged management applications in mind. Technology has been applied at two ABT Alpine study sites to aid protection of threatened species.


Based in Wanaka NZ, Adventure Consultants is a world renowned mountain guiding company with a legacy of climbing expeditions to the world’s highest peaks, and treks to the most remote corners of the globe.


One of New Zealand’s leading authorities for hunting, fishing, camping and tramping information and equipment.


Taking ordinary people on extraordinary adventures, partnering with ABT to deliver an enriched biodiversity experience for visitors.


Working together to help raise awareness and protect endemic threatened species within the Makarora Catchment


Working in collaboration with landowners for the benefit of indigeonous biodiversity. A kind donation greatley recieved towards braided river bird conservation.
ABT’s prefered accomodation provider: Wonderland Makarora Lodge providing a unique wilderness experience


Colaboration contributing to kea observations and recording


Working together to provide environmental education programmes in New Zealand
Intrepid Group is a global leader in delivering sustainable experience-rich travel working together with ABT to raise the profile of biodiversity.